Authors and Titles

Invited papers

Pieter Collins
Model-Checking in Systems Biology - From Micro to Macro

Saso Dzeroski
Inductive Process Modeling for Learning the Dynamics of Biological Systems

Hugo Fort
Developing quantitative methods in community ecology: predicting species abundances from qualitative web interaction data

Radu Grosu
Medical Cyber-Physical Systems: The Heart Challenge

Steffen Klamt
Fast Enumeration of Smallest Metabolic Engineering Strategies in Genome-Scale Networks

Pietro Lió
Computing Longevity

Hélène Morlon
Phylogenetic approaches for studying diversification

Daniel B. Stouffer
Quantifying the complexity of “complex” ecological networks

Regular papers

Nicola Bonzanni, Anton Feenstra, Wan Fokkink, and Jaap Heringa
Petri Nets are a Biologist’s Best Friend

Francis Mairet and Jean-Luc Gouzé
Control of a bioreactor with quantized measurements

Elisabetta de Maria, Jöelle Despeyroux and Amy P. Felty
A Logical Framework for Systems Biology

Guillaume Madelaine, Cédric Lhoussaine and Joachim Niehren
Attractor Equivalence: An Observational Semantics for Reaction Networks

Jakob L. Andersen, Christoph Flamm, Daniel Merkle and Peter F. Stadler
50 Shades of Rule Composition From Chemical Reactions to Higher Levels of Abstraction

Yoshitaka Yamamoto, Adrien Rougny, Hidetomo Nabeshima, Katsumi Inoue, Hisao Moriya, Christine Froidevaux and Koji Iwanuma
Completing SBGN-AF Networks by Logic-Based Hypothesis Finding

Alberto Casagrande and Carla Piazza
External Interactions on Hybrid Models of Biological Systems

Short papers or abstracts for short presentations

Dominique Pelletier, Delphine Mallet, Abigail Powell and William Roman
Disentangling the effects of habitat and protection on coral reef fish communities in long-established marine reserves

Bastien Preuss, Dominique Pelletier and Laurent Wantiez
Evaluating management scenarios for fished resources of the New Caledonian lagoon using a spatially-explicit model

Brendan Trewin, Nancy Shellhorn, Myron Zalucki, David Westcott and Hazel Parry
The challenges of developing spatially explicit network models for the management of disease spread in ecological systems

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